Inside BBS Awards – One day with Plump Djs- Interview

The Plump Djs are internationally renowned DJ/Producer duo Andy Gardner and Lee Rous of London. Their unmistakable sound has won them remixes from the likes of Deadmou5, Mark Ronson, Moby and Orbital, whilst their four deck live show has led to countless international and national shows.

Thanks for your time Plump Djs! Now that we are almost at the end of 2017,

what are some words you would use to describe this year?

This year has been frustrating and amazing. Frustrating because of US&Canada Visa issues forcing a fail to our touring there. Also withOz tour just cancelled too due no fault of ours. On the upside Andy and I have been so well supported and received high acclaim for our Punks releases. The last 3 shows have sold out, and we already have 5 festivals booked for next year and 2 international tours.

World Click
Can you tell us what your favourite thing is about your track/ep/album?

World Click is all about the sample and the bass for me, the record is deep and heavy. For big systems only

Can you tell us about new project you will be working on 2017/2018?

Our new single on Punks is just landing heavy Keep A Focus. And we have remixes and singles planned for the whole of 2018 too.

Imagine yourself walking into the studio; please may you talk me through a typical day? What are your habits?

The Studio day is top secret sorry.

How do you go about choosing what software and plug-ins you use?

Tech talk is secret too sorry.

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

Crosby Stills & Nash, Steve Wonder, Nike Rogers, Vangelis, The Chemical Brothers, Daniel Avery, Daft Punk, Sasha, Stanton Warriors, Orbital, Hybrid Theory, Freestylers, Mafia Kiss, Marten HORGER.

How’s the music scene in this moment in your country?

The music scene in the UK we feel is world class!!

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

Yes we have a very London Sound, even more so now that we are back to bass and breaks again happy one xxx


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