Nominees for the BBS Awards 2018

Nominees for the BBS Awards 2018 Vote for your favourite From 1st March 2019 You can decide the outcome of Breakbeat Artist Of The Year Best Artists ANUSCHKA AXELBEAT BAD LEGS BASSTYLER COLOMBO DJ EKL DUSTIN DYNASTY NELSON EDM Syndicate FUTURE FLEX HUDA HUDIA JIM FUNK STANTON WARRIORS Best Label 83 RECORDS BREAKS YO! DISTORSION […]

BBS Awards 2017 – Finalists and Winners

Here Are All the Winners From the 2017 BBS   ________________________________________________________________________     BEST ARTISTS: WINNER   SI-Dog Biography Rob Silas “DJ Si-Dog” Moved to Orlando from CT in 1993 after college, where he was quickly was introduced to the Florida EDM Rave scene. Rob moved to Florida to find a band as a Drummer […]