Inside BBSAwards – One day with DogEatDog Records – Interview


Thanks for your time DEDR ! Rob Silas Now that we are almost at the end of 2017.

What have been some of the highlights for the label? 

That are artist development has expanded to over 60 artists worldwide, that was our main goal to retain a younger artist base, to attract younger audience to breakbeat music

What’s in store for 2018 for 
DogEatDog Records?

1 release a week in Beatport were Already booked though May of 2018 with tracks

What made you decide to create Record Label?

By getting screwed by my past label owner in the 90s I made a track that sold 3000 copies in 1999, never got a cent out of it. So DEDR was founded 6 months later

How did you come up with the name? 

My nickname is Si-Dog was giving to me by my baseball team when I was younger. So I kept it for Dj name and DogEatDog was a spin of that.

What was the first album that you ever bought?

Geese. In music itself. Maybe Fleetwood Mac or Black Sabbath in the 70s. But for electronic peob Kraftwerk or Dynamix 2 in the mid 80s

What album are you most proud of in your label?

To Be able to sign Colombo was a highlight,  now we are on a production tip together .

In your years in the music business, what is the best thing about being involved with it and the worst?

Best that breakbeat is a clostnit group , and the fans are one with the music , and are very music savvy, so the artist have a very good relation to the fans being there so knowledgeable of the songs

What’s your most memorable experience inside the label?

Peob the event production services side, we brought international artists for their 1st Gigs stateside
Such as Durade and colombo . We booked members from rabbit in the moon , run dmc, Dj Icey. Countless others , along having a deep admiration for local talent as well

What does your day-to-day look like? 

I own a scrap metal recycling facility that I’m here 65 hours a week, also a husband of 11 years and and father of 3 young daughters.  It’s a blessing I’m still active in the music game

When looking into potential new artists to sign, what are some of the qualities that you find exciting? 
2 words
GOOD TRANSITIONS in their tracks. And not a lot of samples.

Do you have any advice to offer up to incoming artists/djs/bands? 

… don’t be discouraged about the politics of getting gigs. Keep Producing the right people will come at the right Time. Is why DEDR wanted to get into event production and do a annual Miami WMC event to highlight young producers to have a fun gig and to meet many of the big players in the scene at our events

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about the Records? 

Yes we are really selfless. We care about the fans and the artist 1st. We’re never in it for the money. We’re the smallest electronic genre out there but we don’t care. We do it for the love of the Breakers.




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