Inside BBS Awards 2019 – One day with Jim Funk – Interview

Hello Jim Funk!

Thank you so much for taking time to do an Interview with us .

Can you tell us what you like best about your favorite track produced in 2019?

I would have to say Dirty People was one of my favorites to make this year I have really found myself in the darkness and simplicity of music. I have grown to love and enjoy sweeps and pitch bending sounds with dark and dirty bass lines. I spent half the Year just in sound design. I can’t wait for some of my new sounds to shine in 2020.

Can you tell us about the new project you will be working on in 2020?

I am currently working on a lot of free remixes and even more originals. I plan on dropping just as many free songs as I do originals in 2020. While I continue to build this new album. I am extremely excited about a new dark song I made called thru the trees releasing on Gigabeat records.

Imagine walking inside the studio; please, can you speak to me through a typical day? What are your habits?

Everyday is different and I try and let the energy guide me. Some days are just do sound design. Some days are organizing. Some days are just searching, in genres for ideas. When I am actually working on a track I almost always layout the basic drums first and move strait to the vocals. When I get my basic layout I then begin to truly build the song. I always try and let the song tell me what it wants. It’s almost like most my ideas come from somewhere else. I love to just listen and let it guide.

How will you choose the software and add-ons you use?

I sit and research new vsts and daw updates almost daily but, to be honest I have had my favorite vsts and daws for years. Truly they are almost all the same. It is best to just pick one and learn everything you can about it. Then start building folders of sounds you make and never stop.

Are you an avid believer of learning an instrument?

Yes I believe anything you do to help grow you as a artist is very important. I believe we are always growing and everyday is a learning experience. So never settle and never stop.

What is the only piece of DJ / production equipment that you can not live with?

My computer.

So what are your thoughts on technology aiding the technique of DJing?

I believe we can’t stop it and it is best to embrace the now and start thinking outside the box. So you standout from the crowds. In the end of the day it’s all about making the best music for people you can so, bring it on.

Any artists / DJs / producers in particular that really influenced you?

Truthfully all, people, artist, djs, dancers, ect influence me. Everything I have seen or heard has helped to make who I am as a artist and will continue. I wouldn’t be anything without all of you.

What is the music scene like at this moment in your country?

It seems to be trying to find itself again. I see a lot of older artist coming back into the game. Which I think is amazing. Definitely can’t wait for the industry to get this streaming stuff under wraps.

Often, certain cities are related to certain sounds and sub-genres. Do you think that living in your city is reflected in your music?

Of course. I truly believe like I spoke about earlier everything around you help to make you who you are. I remember being around 15 when my sister spoke about how much she disliked a strait beat Aka house music and to be honest because of that conversation I still feel the same way. House music is great for a journey but I believe broken beats are the way to my heart.

For bookings contactdjjimmyfunk@gmail.com

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