Inside BBS Awards 2019 – One day with Kaleidoscope Music – Interview

Kaleidoscope Music

Welcome to BBS AWARDS 2019.

Today I have been joined by multi awards 2018 – Kaleidoscope Music.

Started in 1996 and owned by Huda Hudia. Home of talented artists, Dj’s, and producers.

Hello Kaleidoscope!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do an interview with us.

What are some words you would use to describe this year (2019)?

Love, upbeat, fulfilling, friendships, late nights, water sports, travel, music.

Can you tell us what you like best about your favorite track produced in 2019?

The end of the year was a great time to bring DJ Volume and DJ30A into a project called Low End Theory, in addition to multiple collaborations with DJ Sweet Charlie and Si-Dog.

Can you tell us about the new project you will be working on in 2020?

Planning a wedding and a month-long RV trip to Alaska.

Imagine walking inside the studio; please, can you speak to me through a typical day?

What are your habits?

Disconnect from the world, get in the studio, prioritize my projects and work down the list while trying not to get side tracked.

How will you choose the software and add-ons you use?

I’ll choose new programs based on if there’s a need or use for them. My go to plug-ins have stayed with me throughout my career. The only change I’ve had to make this year was to learn a second DAW to help speed up collaborations.

Are you an avid believer of learning an instrument?

Yes, I think every kid on the planet should learn to play the piano. Plus, it’s intellectually beneficial.

What is the only piece of DJ / production equipment that you can not live with out?

My Apple wireless Magic Mouse, especially when I am using Logic.

So what are your thoughts on technology aiding the technique of DJing?

Regardless of technology, you still have to be a good DJ. Reading the crowd and knowing the music is more important than anything technology can offer.

Any artists / DJs / producers in particular that really influenced you?

DJ Volume aka Stacy Mier’s original production and his remix work at Ultimix.

What is the music scene like at this moment in your country?

DJ’s are playing EDM festivals, club nights, bar nights, or lounge events. The music industry is thriving here in the United States.

Often, certain cities are related to certain sounds and sub-genres. Do you think that living in your city is reflected in your music?

I agree. Certain cities in the United States are known for their sounds. Atlanta is known for hip hop. Playing to an open format crowd here in Atlanta has also expanded my music knowledge to include everything from the 70s to current tracks topping the billboard charts.


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