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In Conversation with Jim Funk
(Jim Funk) is currently residing in Panama City Beach, Fl and enjoys all genre’s of music. Born James E Murphy in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida on September 17, 1984, Jim Funk, so named by Dustin C member of Lab Man Records after his crazy style of funky music merged with today’s Dark bass and Pretty styles. Always playing the new top and underground HEAT! He has been professionally producing since the age of 18 (2003) and has DJ’d in clubs like Club La Vela, The Swamp, Rock Star, NightTown, House of Blues, Club LA, Spinnaker Beach Club,District Night Club, Festivals and local bars around the United States. To the date, he continues to produce and play all style music. Currently, he is on Gigabeat Records, Gigabeat nights record label, Genuine Debbie D Records, Kaleidoscope MUSIC, Therabeat Records with remixes on Nolabeat records. He is also the founder and CEO of Bass-A-holix Anonymous Ent. To date, he is charting one of the highest in Beatport in Breakbeats and Trap. He is one of the most well rounded DJ’s continuing to bring the funk merging noise to music. Non-Stop To The Top.
Hello and welcome to BBS AWARDS 2018. 
Today I have been joined by super DJ and producer Jim Funk- Florida.
Hi! Nice to have you here in BBS Awards.
What are some words you would use to describe this year (2018)?
Honestly, First thing that comes to mind is blessed. God truly gave me everything I could ask for in 2018.
Can you tell us what you like best about your track?
I would definitely have to say, the best thing about making swag was working with such amazing artist, BLAKJAK and UNITED STATES BEAT SQUAD (USBS)
Can you tell us about the new project you will be working on in 2019?
Well, I already have five tracks ready to release and now working with six other artists on multiple projects. The start of the year I plan on releasing more of the high energy side of music and later in the year releasing more of my progressive side of music again.
Imagine walking inside the studio; please, can you speak to me through a typical day? What are your habits?
A normal day in the studio usually begins with an idea or dream I had the day or night before. I tend to try and find presets I have made that are close to the sound in the idea. Next, I normally go straight into drums because without a heartbeat it is hard to make a life of anything and I hate the sound of a metronome. My next step normally moves into vocals and melodies. From there it’s all about time and letting the song guide you. Last but not least is the many days of mixdown and mastering.
How will you choose the software and add-ons you use?
Honestly, I read a lot of reviews and study daily about upcoming vst’s and daw updates. I have been stuck on Pro tools since the early 2000’s and in the last 9 years I have been enjoying the easy editing in Ableton live but, any time I record live vocal or do mastering I prefer using the daw pro tools.
Are you an avid believer of learning an instrument?
I believe an artist can paint a picture however they want. There are no rules to art but, truthfully instruments are some of the main tools for making a sound. I started playing drums at the age of 13 which led right into djing around the age of 15. Around the age of 17, I started digging deep into synthesizers and piano. It really wasn’t till I went to California that I really started messing with the mpc and learning sampling. So I guess, I would say its very important to try things and learn as much as you can because everything you do only helps to teach you more about the love of music.
What is the only piece of DJ / production equipment that you can not live with?
So what are your thoughts on technology aiding the technique of DJing?
I see in a lot of older friends, it’s making it much harder for them because they didn’t grow up in a world of computers. Other than that there isn’t much we can do but learn and adapt because in time we will most likely just have to use thought and let the imagination go and a computer will build it. The present is a present for a reason embrace the now. That’s all we have.
Any artists / DJs / producers, in particular, that really influenced you?
All artist, dancers, friends, family, GOD. Truthfully every moment of my life has influenced the music that comes from me.
What is the music scene like at this moment in your country?
It seems like we are onto another shift in music.
Often, certain cities are related to certain sounds and subgenres. Do you think that living in your city is reflected in your music?
Honestly yes, I am from Panama City Beach and grew up in the dance scene I was definitely taught that house beats didn’t work in this town and are unfortunately still that way. This town likes more broken and hip hop style music and continues to guide me on how I play and make music.
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