Inside BBSAwards 2019 – One Day with GIGABEAT Records- Interview

Thanks for your time GIGABEAT!

Now that we are almost at the end of 2019, what are some words you would use to describe this year?

A ride…It moved so fast and we released so much. 

What Have Been Some Of The Highlights For The Label?

Hitting #1 on Beatport top 100 and doing our WMC events

What’s In Store For 2020?

2020 will be a biggie for us with brand new artists and more of our heavy hitters

What Made You Decide To Create Record Label?

When we started it was in the early days of digital music so getting tracks released was a lot harder. That made us want to make our own label.  Being from Miami also we thought it would be pretty cool considering there wasn’t a lot of mixed genre including breaks stuff going on down here at the time. 

How Did You Come Up With The Name?

We were just shooting names at each other. I think my partner Rick actually came up with the name if I recall. 

What Was The First Album That You Ever Bought?

Well the first record I bought with the intent to DJ was ” Novy Vs Eniac feat Virginia – Smoke Dis” which BTW definitely needs a new remix 

What Album Are You Most Proud Of In Your Label?

hmmm. To be honest. I would say actually releasing songs from “Brothers of Funk” (Johnny Dangerously & Storm). In the early days of the south Florida scene they were the gold standard. They played everywhere, extremely respected and made some of the most classic tracks & bootlegs. Finally getting to release some of their music kind of completes the circle.

In Your Years In The Music Business, What Is The Best Thing About Being Involved With It And The Worst?

I’ll start with worst…POLITICS. Politics in the business just cause unnecessary friction and holds back actual talent. Best would be people that do things and surprise you. Their music is different and quality and the passion you see in them. That re energizes you. 

What’s Your Most Memorable Experience Inside The Label?

First time we actually started charting was a big thing for us. In the early days the charts were way more difficult to crack.  

What Does Your Day-To-Day Look Like?

Well I’m Graphic Designer and I work for myself. So I’m working for clients and then making releases covers, working metadata, scheduling, promoting, making release videos etc.  

When Looking Into Potential New Artists To Sign, What Are Some Of The Qualities That You Find Exciting?

I just like things i feel. I like when i find somebody new that is really quality and hasn’t had the chance yet. I like to push those releases as much as possible.  

Do You Have Any Advice To Offer Up To Incoming Artists/Djs/Bands?

I would say be yourself. Don’t chase a sound. Learn to promote yourself and how to approach a label. Learn the business side also because people are looking to take advantage of you if you’re talented. 

Is There Anything Else That You Would Like To Share With Our Readers About The Records?

We have some really big tings coming in 2020 follow us on our social accounts to keep up

Thanks Michael & Gigabeat Records

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