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N4 in Top 100 break charts artist!

Coming out of Washington DC, is Breaks / Bass music producer Bradley Drop. His music and DJ sets are a blend of Florida Breaks, Booty Breaks, Trap, Twerk and Hip-Hop. His first release “The Beat Goes Like This,” was released in 2013. Since then Bradley has released several original tracks and remixes which have reached the top 100 and top 10 on the breaks beatport chart, including the #1 track “That girl is” with DJ Lantern and #2 track “Nothing But A Thang”

Some of the artists he has remixed for are Agent K, BBK, and The Phat Kidz. Bradley has also collaborated with several great artists such as Keith MacKenzie (from Smookie iLLson) Si-Dog, J-Double, Proxxy & Lantern and LoIQ. As well as receiving support from artist/ DJs such as The Crystal Method, Martin Flex, KL2, and Peep This. Bradley Drop has rocked several events and clubs in the U.S. (DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Austin, Miami to name a few) playing alongside artists such as DJ Icey, Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx, Deekline, Curtis B, Dustin Hulton, Baby Anne, and many more.


Thanks for your time BRADLEY DROP – N4 in Top 100 break charts artist!
Now that we are almost at the end of 2017,
what are some words you would use to describe this year?

This year has been awesome, Iv’e been really fortunate to play some really good gigs, and work with some really talented producers. Really looking forward to 2018

Music Takes Control Original Mix
Can you tell us what your favourite thing is about your track?

My favorite part about that track besides the hook would be the piano in the breakdown

Can you tell us about new project you will be working on 2017/2018?

Well I am currently working on a few projects, a collaboration with B-Phreak, couple of remixes for a few different labels, starting a duo project with a friend of mine called Pump Pump, and I’m starting my own label Rocksteady Records.

Imagine yourself walking into the studio; please may you talk me through a typical day? What are your habits?

When I hit the studio I like to already have an idea for a track, already know what direction or the feel of the song I want to go with. I find it easier to finish tracks that way.

How do you go about choosing what software and plug-ins you use?

I have my go-to plug -ins that I use in all my tracks. If I see a new plug-in that peeks my interest I will try the demo, and if I feel it’s something I will use a lot I will buy it.

What’s the one piece of DJ/production gear you can’t live without?

My PC lol

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

Fixx, Stanton Warriors, Deekline.

How’s the music scene in this moment in your country?

I would say it’s good, some states better than others but for the most part good.

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

I’d like to think so, I always have and always will represent DC, it’s home for me. \


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