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Dj/Productor residente en Cadiz, nacido en 1987. Comenzó su pasión por la música a muy corta edad, con 13 años ya intentaba realizar sus primeras mezclas dejándose llevar por los ritmos rotos en todas sus variantes destacando entre ellos el Breakbeat.

Thanks for your time, Adam Vyt. Now that we are almost at the end of 2017,

what are some words you would use to describe this year?

2017 has been a very productive year as far as music is concerned,
reaching the top 100 of beatport with several tracks.
I received one of the awards at the Miami Bass Awards 2017 as the best international revelation artist.
I have had the opportunity to work with great promoters all over the national scene.

Just ask that 2018 come loaded with new dreams and goals to fulfill.

Hopes (Adam Vyt Remix) (Adam Vyt Remix)
Can you tell us what you like best about your track?

The original track I liked a lot and that’s why I decided to remix it.
I began to work giving an old-school approach with some touches of acid and a line of blunt basses that vibrate all your hearts on the dance floor.

In all my productions I always try to reflect this style that I miss so much. The old school is back

Can you tell us about the new project you will be working on in 2017/2018?

This new year will begin with a new release under the label Funktasty Crew Records, a remix to the track “Khoiser – Oxygen”
This release will have a place between the months of February and March.

Several events to be confirmed and others that are already under way for this new year that seems to come with great force.

Imagine walking inside the studio; please, can you speak to me through a typical day? What are your habits?

My study is my sanctuary.
I spend almost all my free time rummaging through vinyl records and mixing non-stop, it’s my biggest vice and that’s where I look for ideas and then sit down at my production table.

What to say about those moments in which you sit in your study and the hours pass like minutes, I enter a new world in which the notion of time is lost.

I also dedicate myself to the sale of online vinyl records and I spend a lot of time there making the shipments for everyone. You can search my store by searching on Facebook “VytMan – Vinyl Shop”

How will you choose the software and add-ons you use?

My favorite DAW is Logic Pro, it was with the one I started making my first track and today I still work with it.

I always start my tracks by creating a drums from some samples of the old school, adding new kicks, snare and other percussion sounds using Battery for this, then I keep creating melodies from voices or some other element that gives me a musical note in particular.

Many of the VST I use every day are Battery, Nexus, A.N.A, Massive and Serum along with other plugins that come integrated in Logic Pro.

What is the only piece of DJ / production equipment that you can not live with?

First of all I can not live without my Technics 1200MK2

Any artists / DJs / producers in particular that really influenced you?

Dj Zinc, Mark Ruff Ryder, Harry lime, Stanton Warriors … are some of my favorite artists.

What is the music scene like at this moment in your country?

We have a very good scene in our country, mostly in the area of ​​Andalusia.

I can claim to be from Andalusia and say that it is one of the best Breakbeat scenes in the world

Often, certain cities are related to certain sounds and subgenres. Do you think that living in your city is reflected in your music?

Of course yes. I’m from Cádiz and I grew up there listening to Breakbeat in all the rooms at the time of the year 2000 when it was the golden age of Breakbeat in Andalusia



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